RealityCapture is the state-of-the-art photogrammetry software, which is currently the fastest solution on the market.

  • Outperforms all existing photogrammetry solutions in speed, accuracy, and mesh quality.

  • The first software to allow a fully automatic combination of laser scans and photos.

  • The only software which is able to mix lasers and photos easily without seams and limitations.

Reality Capture | PPI

Reality Capture | PPI

Reality Capture | Perpetual

Reality Capture | Perpetual

What is Photogrammetry?

Multiple photos of the same object are taken from different angles.

The same features seen on images from different angles are used to calculate the position of camera and the 3D shape of the object.



Mesh -> Texture


Align: land surveying purposes

Create an accurate geo-referenced point cloud for mapping purposes.


  • Aerial photos

  • Ground Control Points or PPK flightlog

  • Any coordinate system and conversion between them

Align: highest quality VFX assets

  • Align images in JPG or RAW

  • Use camera rigs with registration XMPs and CLI scripting to speed up the process and make it very cost effective.

Meshing and dense point cloud

  • Generation of watertight 3D meshes with custom detail

  • Mesh editing tools – simplification, smoothing, closing holes, mesh cleaning

  • Tools for checking and repairing model topology


  • Calculating vertex colors

  • Creating UV maps with built-in unwrap tool

  • Calculating model textures in UV and UDIMM format

  • Re-projecting textures from high poly tolow poly model

  • Generation of normal and displacement maps

Realitycapture features

  • Automatic 3D model reconstruction of triangular mesh

  • Advanced coloring and texturing algorithms

  • Geo-registration into all world coordinate systems

  • Support for flight logs, GPS in EXIF/XMP, and ground control points

  • Ortho projections, DSM computation, and export into the recognized standards such as tiff, geotiff

  • Volume, area, and distance measurements

  • Creation of geo-referenced maps and digital surface models

  • D model export into standard formats (ply, obj, xyz)

  • A set of tools for analyzing alignment quality and accuracy, geo-registration, mesh reconstruction, 3D model post-processing (filtration, simplification, smoothing), etc.

  • And many more.. 


Just download and see how it works!

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