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Experience a sports event in an exciting and flexible way. Explore a 3D map of the area and follow your favorite athletes in real-time. Choose your favorite way to track the action; 3D map overview, VR, AR and more. Stream video of the event live directly through the companion app.

Everything off course with 5G compatibility.

Fun fact: With ONSITE SPORT, the world’s first 5G app “KT Omniview” was created together with Ericsson for the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Korea 2018.

O-SPORT is based on the functions of O-GEO and is mostly used for sports events. Take your sports happening to a new level, where you let the viewer at home become its producer.


Do you want to be able to see the goal up closer? No problem. Just choose the camera closest and watch it live from the angle you wish to – it’s up to you to decide how you want to experience the game/race/event. In the app, you can also choose what statistics and info you want and which notifications to be shown.


Show the match/event in VR or through a 360-camera, and add effects to your digital arena with sponsor videos, etc.


Examples of how ONSITE SPORT can be used:

  • Do a demo of how a sports event can be experienced with a mix of 360 cameras, VR, etc.

  • Show how 5G can be used and the perks of using 5G.

  • Stream a sporting event completely without delays and retardation with multiple cameras that your viewer chooses angles from

  • Show your arena/stadium with an interactive app that takes you to the arena without actually having to be there (with sold-out events etc.)

  • O-SPORT is based on the functions of O-GEO, and it’s, therefore, possible to applicate many different functions to the app that enhances the actual location of the sports event.

  • Open up new ways for sponsors to take part in the digital arena through the ONSITE dynamic sponsor system.



5G racing application


CLIENT: Ericsson, Batelco, Ooredoo

DURATION: Two months

PLATFORM: Win, Android & Gear VR

FEATURES: Proprietary video streaming solution, sub-second buffering/latency streaming, automatic real-time camera switching, 360° camera, Augmented Reality mode, behind-car 3D view, and more.

Read more about the project here.

Immersive Sports: Football

CLIENT: Ericsson, Ooredoo

DURATION: 3+ months

PLATFORM: Win, iOS, Android & Gear VR

TYPE: Sports Demo Application for public installations

FEATURES: Proprietary video streaming solution, sub-second buffering/latency streaming, 180° camera coverage (13+ angles), 360° camera, and more.

Read more about the project here.

image (3).png

Winter Olympics 2018

Screenshot 2018-01-31 09.14.37 (kopia).p

CLIENT: Korean Telecom, KOC, Ericsson LG

DURATION: 12+ months

PLATFORM: Win, Android & Gear VR

TYPE: Sports application for public installation

FEATURES: World's first public 5G application, video streaming, GPS tracking, automatic camera switching, live results, venue information, 1st person view, app-to-app linking, and more.

Read more about the project here.

World Ski Championships 2015

CLIENT: Beyond Skiing, FIS, Ericsson, SVT, United Power, MediaTech

DURATION: 3 months

PLATFORM: Win, iOS, Android & Gear VR

FEATURES: Video streaming, athlete GPS tracking, live results, 1st person view, ski jump visualization, 3D sponsor exhibition, and more.

Read more about the project here.

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