Well, you still are...

But the big bang is not happening during 2020.

We at Megafront are celebrating 20 years in the industry this year, and we wanted to celebrate that with you and some more of our friends with this big, super fun, laser show and balloon compatible-helluva 3D-PARTY (3D; because we were throwing it on December 3rd - get it?)​

But then an uninvited guest showed up and ruined everything: COVID-19.

Cause’ we were planning on doing this extremely fun event party with lectures/talks from important people (like you!) from the industry that has revolutionized the whole VFX and Games Industry. We had a cool band booked, and of course some more awesome happenings, food and celebrations!

But due to the pandemic, we’ve postponed everything and we’re super sad about it. HOWEVER! We’re still planning on doing the whole shebang, just not during 2020. We can’t really say when or where the party is being held at the moment. All that we know is that the 3D party is still on, and we want you to celebrate it with us.​

But just so you know – you’re one of our most prioritized guests and that’s why we made this fancy 00-inspired webpage for you so that even if the party’s off, you’d still want to come next year!​